Here. Let me take those retention hats you've been trying on...

and give you THE KIT.
Diana Tower Community manager wearing all the hats
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You've been meaning to for ages...

Now's the time to take your retention strategy
to the next level.

The Wish:

Recurring income notifications from your thriving membership each month on autopilot, without cancellations.

The Rub:

There are SO many moving parts to a membership that "retention" is often placed on the back-burner.

The Reality:

Friday nights aren’t for fun anymore. They're interupted with cancellation notifications.

The Fix:

A kit toboost retention so everyone wins (your members, your team and YOU!)

Get my retention easy button!

Trot on down and feast your eyes on...


Benefits included in the kit:

  • Grow your Monthly Recurring Revenue by keeping the members you already have.
  • Create a remarkable member experience they rave about to all their friends.
  • Save time coming up with retention tactics and ideas to test.
  • Optimise"evergreen" tactics that you can "set + forget".
  • Eliminate uncertainty when deciding what to implement first.
  • Foster a space of deeper relationships and connections as members stay longer.
  • ...and so much more!

Here's what you'll get of $97!

  • QUIZ: Retention Strategy Health-CHeck Quiz ($29 value)
  • VAULT: 40+ Retention Ideas Vault ($29 value)
  • CHEAT-SHEETS: 40+ Implementation Cheat-Sheets ($49 value)
  • MINI GUIDE: 6 "Evergreen" Retention Tactics you can "set + forget" today! ($19 value)
  • VIDEO MASTERCLASS: The 6 Retention Levers and how to pull them to boost retention and craft a remarkable member experience people rave about. ($97 value)
  • QUICK START GUIDE: Top 4 reasons your members leave each month and what mistakes you can stop making today. ($29 value).
  • DASHBOARD: The ultimate one-stop tool to plan, implement, test and track (PITT) your retention strategy. ($29 value)


You only pay $97

Diana Tower Community Manager Hiring Blueprint (1)
A photo of Michelle Dalton, Community Manager for Digital Marketer

“Any brand with a community needs to know Diana. ”

There's a reason Diana is an authority in Facebook Groups, she knows what she is doing. With irreverent humor, easy to understand teaching and tactics you can replicate in no time, her Unicorn University course (UniU) will increase retention, create belonging, and make sure a community is bringing value at all times.

Community is the future of customer experiences and UniU gives you a jump on making it work for you.


Community Manager at Digital Marketer
A photo of Laurak Sprinkle, founder of Rock Your Affiliate Program

“Diana’s the f*cking best!”

“She’s SO much more than a “Community Strategist.” She crafts experiences that people (clients, partners, members) rave about. A skilled copywriter, operations manager, product designer, growth strategist, coach, speaker and artist…and even then that’s scraping the surface of the value that Diana brings to my team!”


Founder of Rock Your Affiliate Program (Affiliate + Partner Strategist)
Photo of Jenna Snavely from Digital Marketer

“She set the bar high for future workshop hosts!”

“Diana delivered an outstanding live session for our membership members, providing massive value and actionable insights, with an infectious energy our members appreciated. Off camera, Diana was a pleasure to work with; organized, reliable, professional and an all around rockstar!  It wasn’t just our members that learned a lot—I incorporated her training into the onboarding process for all of my direct reports as well. She is my go-to recommendation for anything community.”


Former Program Manager at DigitalMarketer
A picture of Podcaster Bob Gentle

Popping with excitement like a firecracker

“Diana brings the heat to your podcast. She's an engaging, funny, knowledgeable and generous guest that lives and breathes all things “Community”. I keep a small list of people who can come on my show any time. She's at the top of that list.”


Host of the “Amplify” Podcast
James Schramko the host of Super Fast Business

“She’s a natural!”

Diana is a dream podcast guest. She’s fun, super knowledgeable and her energy is contagious. She’s been on the show twice and I love how well she connects with my audience. Diana = Dynamic. ”


Host of “Super Fast Business” Podcast
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