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“I need some Dave in my life.”

- Said every person who’s ever laid eyes on this cute AF egg-shaped unicorn!
Diana Tower Unicorn Swag
White Bottom Border
Diana-Tower-Water-Bottle (1)

You’ve seen Dave the Unicorn here on my site, and you’re here for it!

Born out of my desire to create a new breed of unicorn for my brand...Dave is legless with a cute kawaii face. Unique AF!

When my clients see him for the first time, their reaction is pretty unanimous!

OMG, I need some Dave in my life!

Which got me thinking…

What if Dave was more than a digital ambassador for my business?

What if I made some Dave swag for clients and anyone digging his cute AF vibe?


Think...stickers, note pads, stationary, pens, backpacks, T-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, planners, ALL THE THINGS.

But - like everything - you’ve gotta start somewhere, and that’s what I’ma-gonna-do!

If you want to be first in line to get a Dave fix, pop your name and email below.  You’ll make history too, helping decide what to start with!

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