Real unicorns who stick around.

Unicorn members really do exist — and I'm here to help you keep'em.
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Your membership used to be something that filled your cup.

But somewhere between crickets and engaged AF it’s turned into a stressful obligation that sucks the joy out of your home office with a bendy straw. *Slurp.*

No judgement from me, though.

Feeling overwhelmed by an engaged AF community is totally normal.

You’re not the first membership owner to be overwhelmed by their membership. Especially since the community is the heart that drives recurring revenue.

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Now, you’re ready for a refill.

Ready to expertly clean up the daily membership messes, create systems + gift yourself time/energy to pour a bevvy in your cup until you feel like YOU again?

It’s time to take your membership to the next level so you can focus on your zone of genius and rake in money while you’re at it.

Whether it’s

  • optimising your onboarding,
  • hiring and training a unicorn community manager,
  • or changing the way you show up in your membership’s time to craft an exceptional member experience that your members can’t help but rave about.

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Diana Tower

You're looking for

  • Unicorn members who adore you and support one another 110%,
  • Unicorn Community Managers who take the reins and fix issues before they even exist.

Think of their hooves repeatedly smashing that EASY button for you day in and day out

Want some unicorns? Keep reading!


I’m Diana Tower.

Think of me as the Unicorn Whisperer —
who never uses her inside voice.

Diana Tower, Unicorn Community Manager Trainer
As a Membership Retention Strategist who’s been in the industry since 2015, I know what it takes to keep members engaged, paying, and proud to be a part of your community.

(Just ask Ramit Sethi. I was the Community Manager for his 7-figure coaching membership for 3 years, before choosing to take my Unicorn-training skills to a global level.)

Ever since my first day managing a paid membership, I’ve been on a mission to create a herd of emotionally-strategic Membership owners + Community Professionals who make the world a better + kinder place — one community at a time. (Oh, and make you fall wildly in love with your membership again.)

James Schramko the host of Super Fast Business

“She’s a natural!”

Diana is a dream podcast guest. She’s fun, super knowledgeable and her energy is contagious. She’s been on the show twice and I love how well she connects with my audience. Diana = Dynamic. ”


Host of “Super Fast Business” Podcast
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Popping with excitement like a firecracker

“Diana brings the heat to your podcast. She's an engaging, funny, knowledgeable and generous guest that lives and breathes all things “Community”. I keep a small list of people who can come on my show any time. She's at the top of that list.”


Host of the “Amplify” Podcast

Listen to me talk strategy

And then work with me 😉

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Speaking, press, and bragging rights:


Want a Unicorn Wrangler to
jam on your podcast,
teach a workshop,
or speak at your next event?

I'm all ears. (And maybe a horn.)

Unicorn Community Managers are made here:

Hire a Unicorn

When you’re wearing all the hats — but really want to delegate — I give you the step by step blueprint to hire a unicorn Community Manager, so you can get back to biz-naz.

Coming Soon!

Become a Unicorn

You’re a Community Manager who wants to achieve full Unicorn status. My 6 module DIY training takes your professional growth from good to grrraaate! (Tony the tiger style)

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