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Reduce Churn, Boost Engagement and Train a Community Manager to Run Everything on Your Behalf!

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Love at first launch

Your membership is engaged AF, but - behind closed doors - it's a hot mess.

Your excitement over engagement was quickly replaced by overwhelm. Instead of trying to bleed engagement out of a membership stone, your members won’t stop talkin’ and you’re struggling to keep up.

Sure, you’re bringing in monthly recurring income, but where’s the freedom and time that a membership promised you?

You feel obligated to BE there, and answer all the Qs. You have ZERO systems, wobbly boundaries and it feels like a chaotic dumpster fire behind the scenes.

On top of that, you’re leaking members like a laundry basket (full of holes) and you’re tired of welcoming in new members, just to compensate for churn.

You NEED to focus on retaining more members, but how do you actually DO it? Just like parenting, memberships don’t come with a retention manual. It’s a combo of trial and error and strategy.

Until now.

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Tame the Membership Retention Octopus, and start pulling those legs...I mean levers.

Retention is the heart of a membership’s success.

You know that there are 100s of ways to boost retention, but you don’t know where to start.

  • You download random lists of ideas, but are left wondering how to actually implement them.
  • You try new things, but don’t know if they are actually making an impact.
  • You see other membership owners doing XYZ, so you do it as well.

The problem with retention is that it’s not as simple as doing XYZ, or 123.

It’s a living breathing creature...like an octopus

But when you’re already maxed out creating content, hosting calls, managing and engaging your community…

Retention can get put on the back burner…

Until you realize that your membership is slowly dying. You’re losing more members than you’re bringing in.

Churn is slowly killing your membership.

And sometimes you catch yourself, hoping it would just die already. *GASP*.

Community Manager Stress
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Here's the thing:

Memberships are a full-time job.

There. I said it. Either you (or someone else) is going to need to do A LOT.

From creating new content, posting announcements, hosting live coaching calls, smoothing over misunderstandings, and congratulating members on their wins.

You’re spinning a lot of plates, and when it comes to retention...spinning is no longer enough.

On top of keeping all those plates in the air, you need to IMPROVE how you spin each plate.

You also need to figure out which plates you should keep spinning, which ones to put down, and which to spin in a different direction.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it.


What's the dream?

Retain More Members

To keep more members paying month to month, year after year.

That's why I created,

The Membership Retention Kit

A simple {yet comprehensive} digital DIY toolkit to help you plan & create your retention strategy for this year (and beyond) - specifically tailored to help you boost retention and create a remarkable member experience they can’t help but rave about.


Unicorn Community Managers are made here:

Hire a Unicorn

When you’re wearing all the hats — but really want to delegate — I give you the step by step blueprint to hire a unicorn Community Manager, so you can get back to biz-naz.

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Become a Unicorn

You’re a Community Manager who wants to achieve full Unicorn status. My 6 module DIY training takes your professional growth from good to grrraaate! (Tony the tiger style)

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Diana Tower Community Manager
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Hey! I'm Diana!

And I’m about to make you fall in love with your established membership all over again...through the power of retention.

As a former Community Manager and Membership Retention Strategist for A-list entrepreneurs, I help membership owners boost retention and craft remarkable member experiences (they can’t help but rave about).

Not to get all unicorn-y, but I’ve seen first hand how pulling the 6 retention levers can impact the lives of your members. (Oh, and rocket your membership retention while we’re at it.)

You’ve done incredible work growing your membership into what it is today.

Now it’s time to optimise it for retention, so you can keep more of your unicorn members long term.

Get The Dirt On Me

A photo of Michelle Dalton, Community Manager for Digital Marketer

“Any brand with a community needs to know Diana. ”

There's a reason Diana is an authority in Facebook Groups, she knows what she is doing. With irreverent humor, easy to understand teaching and tactics you can replicate in no time, her Unicorn University course (UniU) will increase retention, create belonging, and make sure a community is bringing value at all times.

Community is the future of customer experiences and UniU gives you a jump on making it work for you.


Community Manager at Digital Marketer
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“Diana’s the f*cking best!”

“She’s SO much more than a “Community Strategist.” She crafts experiences that people (clients, partners, members) rave about. A skilled copywriter, operations manager, product designer, growth strategist, coach, speaker and artist…and even then that’s scraping the surface of the value that Diana brings to my team!”


Founder of Rock Your Affiliate Program (Affiliate + Partner Strategist)
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“She set the bar high for future workshop hosts!”

“Diana delivered an outstanding live session for our membership members, providing massive value and actionable insights, with an infectious energy our members appreciated. Off camera, Diana was a pleasure to work with; organized, reliable, professional and an all around rockstar!  It wasn’t just our members that learned a lot—I incorporated her training into the onboarding process for all of my direct reports as well. She is my go-to recommendation for anything community.”


Former Program Manager at DigitalMarketer
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Popping with excitement like a firecracker

“Diana brings the heat to your podcast. She's an engaging, funny, knowledgeable and generous guest that lives and breathes all things “Community”. I keep a small list of people who can come on my show any time. She's at the top of that list.”


Host of the “Amplify” Podcast
James Schramko the host of Super Fast Business

“She’s a natural!”

Diana is a dream podcast guest. She’s fun, super knowledgeable and her energy is contagious. She’s been on the show twice and I love how well she connects with my audience. Diana = Dynamic. ”


Host of “Super Fast Business” Podcast
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“The perfect example of an A+ player! ”

“Diana is my 'one-stop-shop' for Membership Community and Retention Strategy support; she’s an outstanding copywriter, problem solver, and consistently goes above and beyond. She’s an A+ player and a pleasure to work with.”


Founder of a 7-figure digital marketing agency + primozbozic.com
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