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The Ultimate Checklist to Build a Facebook Group For Your Membership

So you want to launch a new membership {congrats}, and it’s time to build a FB group to bring together your founding members. Sure, you could whip a group up in 3 clicks, add a cover photo of you looking…

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How To Name Your Membership…Like a Boss!

In the past month I have helped 3 entrepreneurial badassess create awesome names for their online memberships; that capture their community vibe like a boss, and I’d love to help you too! When it comes to naming a membership {community,…

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Facebook vs Mighty Networks: Scared To Choose The Wrong Platform For Your Membership Community?

If you’re like me, or any of my clients.  You’ve got membership platforms on the brain! November 22nd was my birthday {I’m 36 years young dawg} and the day before that, I had a strategy session with my good friend…

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